Quality is an integral part of  the Triangle Electronics Services business and is committed to a developing a continuous improvement culture within the entire company.

We operate a robust ISO9001 accredited quality management system, as well as manufacturing to the highest recognised industry workmanship standards.

Standards & Accreditations


ISO 9000 — ISO 9001 is the world’s most established quality framework. ISO 9001 helps accredited companies to effectively manage their business and meet their customers’ requirements.

IPC — IPC-A-610 (Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies) is the most widely used standard published by the IPC. It has an international reputation as the source for end product acceptance criteria for consumer and high reliability printed wiring assemblies.

SC21 — SC21 is a change programme designed to accelerate the competitiveness of the aerospace & defence industry by raising the performance of its supply chains.  Signatories to SC21 are committed to developing supply chains to ensure they remain competitive and able to deliver increased value to customers


A strict policy, in line with BS61340, is in place to prevent ESD damage to components and finished product throughout the entire manufacturing process.  The policy includes:

ESD flooring in all manufacturing areas

All personnel and visitors entering EPA’s are ESD protected through wrist straps and/or footwear

Sensitive components handled only within ESD Protected Areas (EPA’s)

Outside the EPA’s, components are protected by ESD packaging